I Might Have Saved Someone's Life Today

"I might have saved somebody's life today. And you can't do any better than that in this world." That's the sentiment of just one of the many Almost Family staff who carried the message of fire safety to the people for whom they provide care. See more of how they made a difference here.


Reports From The Field

The opportunity to make a difference in someone's life is priceless and often indescribable. Here's the reaction of some of our volunteers to such a life changing experience.

We try to look a little bit beyond the obvious for the patients we serve and also to give back to the community. So having that opportunity was very important and very meaningful to me. I’ve volunteered twice, and each time you get up early in the morning. It’s a Saturday morning. You’re not really thrilled about doing something on an early Saturday morning. But by the time you got through, it was very meaningful. It played a very important role in my life, being able to recognize these people that needed some assistance especially with smoke alarms and installing them in their homes.

-Ron Hout, Executive Director of Caretenders

I really enjoyed giving back to the community. And I really enjoyed spending time with family and friends, and just knowing the ways you can give back. I never knew installing just one smoke detector could be so fulfilling.

-Deanna Stinson, CTA at Caretenders

It has really made an impact on the community here in Princeton and Lyon Counties. People are talking to others about the volunteer coming in to install the smoke detectors for them. Kudos to Almost Family for this wonderful partnership and service!

-Marcie Nix, RN, WCC Caldwell County Home Health Agency